What is this "Who Is Saint Giovanni?" thing all about?

(This book will be available for everyone in the online community to read!)

The following is an excerpt taken from this newsletter. So for the full picture, please click on the previous link.

So you may be wondering—okay,  what’s this chick selling? I’m not selling anything. In fact, I want to give away something I have that is very precious to me. It’s not my kidney. It’s not my blood. And you may think I’m crazy for saying this, but it’s something just as important (to me) as both of those things. And this important “thing” happens to be the YA paranormal romance novel I’ve written: Who Is Saint Giovanni? It’s the whole purpose of this announcement. Now, remember, I mentioned that I’m not selling anything. And I’m not. But what I am looking for is some community involvement. You know, that old-fashioned “togetherness” people feel at 
church, temple, summer camp, and in the line-up at the Harry Potter movie premieres.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.· I’m the author of 2 middle grade chapter books debuting at the end of 2011!
· The Lit Express is my blogging home.
· I have this CRAZY idea about posting one of my novels on my blog, Dickens style.
· Beginning April 11th, 2011 Who Is Saint Giovanni? will be posted in weekly installments on my blog.
· After a year, the whole book will be available online.
· A fabulous artist will be illustrating a new scene from the book for every single post!
· Each installment will also be available in podcast and Vlog format.
· I cordially invite you to join me on my epic blogging adventure.