How "deep" should a YA paranormal romance be?

Hi there new friends and bloggers!!

I am so happy to see that people are taking an interest in this event, and I just want to give a huge THANKS to the overwhelming number of people who have signed up to win advanced copies of the book. An EXTRA special thanks to those of you who are hosting buttons and posted about this event. It's a special time for characters!!

This blog is primarily going to discuss topics covering urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Here is my SUPER QUICK question of the day (I SWEAR there is a person with a whip standing behind me telling me to get back to my "day job" lol):

How "deep" should YA paranormal romance be?

I have been watching many youtube videos (to get some ideas for my own Vlogs), and have heard many people talk about how paranormal romance novels lack DEPTH of character, plot, etc. Would you agree with that statement? Has YA paranormal romance gotten a bad name? Just because the "romance" aspect is tagged along at the people assume it's nothing more than a "girl obsessed with boy" story?

Because that's not what my book is like at all. In fact, my main character loathes boys. The last thing on her mind is least to begin with.

Also, where is the dividing line between urban fantasy and paranormal romance?

What are your thoughts?

How deep do you expect YA paranormal romance to be??