Behind-the-Scenes (3)

Mood Music

I generally have a really hard time focusing on any type of work while listening to music. It's probably because I can't filter out the lyrics. (I'm always drawn to the story a song is telling.) And I hardly ever write while listening to music. But I take breaks between writing (probably too often). Most of my breaks are in a quite popular lounge. Maybe you've heard of it. YouTube? Yeah. That's the one.

My mood music doesn't need lyrics that fit the scene I'm writing. The music's tone needs to get me into the right frame of mind, though. Loreena McKennitt's The Highwayman geared me up for high-tension and emotional scenes. This one, I am particularly fond of because Loreena McKennitt set music to Alfred Noyes poem of the same name, The Highwayman, which is a tragic love story. (hint hint...maybe)

Although I didn't listen to this song while writing chapter three (honestly, I don't think I listened to any music for that one), I listened to this at least once every day for about 3 months while writing Who is Saint Giovanni? No joke. For that reason, I think it deserves an important mention!!

To read the poem by Alfred Noyes, click here.

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